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New Ford Fusion Hybrid Boston, MA | At Muzi Ford Dealership

Why do new hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles always have to look like they just landed here from outer space? Does the futuristic design help increase fuel-economy by decreasing drag or bending space-time?


Well, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is living proof that you can have a stylish, practical, powerful, comfortable mid-size vehicle that is incredibly efficient as well. The Ford hybrid gets an impressive 42 MPG combined (44 city and 41 hwy) making it more efficient than every single non-hybrid mid-size on the market.

Why We Love The Fusion Hybrid
+Stylish Looks
+Modern Interior

+NHTSA Top Safety Pick+
+188 HP Engine Offers Great Acceleration

+Great Handling
+Comfortable, Spacious Cabin
+New SYNC3 Infotainment System
+Incredibly Attractive Lease Rates
+42 MPG Combined
How can you tell the Fusion Hybrid is in-fact a hybrid vehicle? Well, aside from the hybrid lettering on the side, and the Energi model's charge port you cannot tell it apart from its gasoline-driven cousin.

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Anything You Want, You Got It

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid comes in 4 different trim levels including the S, SE, Titanium and the brand new Platinum Trim.

Fusion Hybrid S
Starting $25,185
Fusion Hybrid SE
Starting $25,990
Fusion Hybrid Titanium
Starting $30,250
Fusion Hybrid Platinum
Starting $37,020
The Platinum trim is new for 2017 and provides drivers with a number of new amenities including Ford's softest leather yet - Venetian Leather. This leather wraps the heated and cooled seats and doors in a luxurious quilted pattern. The Platinum trim also comes with driver assist package standard as well as all of the amenities standard in the SE and Titanium trims.

Quilted Venetian Leather on the Platinum Edition Fusion

The price ranges from about $26,000 for the S trim level all the way up to $37,895 for the Platinum trim. While, that may seem like a high price tag, the substantial number of incentives on the vehicle allow most customers to lease these vehicles at a surprisingly affordable rate.

How To Pick A Hybrid Out Of A Crowd

You may experience a bit of difficulty trying to pick the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid out of the crowd, especially if they are all facing forward.

You May Need To Use Some Old School Police Tactics In Your Lineup To Pick Out The Hybrid

From left to right in the photo above is the Fusion Energi Platinum in shadow black, the Fusion Titanium in White Platinum metallic and the Fusion Hybrid Titanium in Magnetic. Basically the only way to tell the Fusion Hybrid vehicles apart from their gas counterpart is by a small hybrid marking on the door and rear of the vehicle.

What Powers The Fusion Hybrid?

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid is powered by a combination of a gas motor that produces 141 horsepower and a 1.4 kWh lithium ion battery that powers and electric motor that produces 118 horsepower. Combined the two churn out 188hp and a fair amount of torque that makes driving in the city a breeze. 

Lithium Ion Battery Located Under the Trunk

Regenerative braking takes the kinetic energy, traditionally lost in braking, and funnels that back into the battery recovering more than 94% of the energy that is then stored for later use. Unlike some other hybrids the transition between electric and gas is seamless and almost unnoticeable in the quiet cabin.

If you are interested in the new 2017 Fusion Hybrid or Energi Hybrid, we recommend you swing by and take a test drive. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Muzi Ford is conveniently located right off Route 95 at Exit 19B in Needham. Convenient for anywhere in the greater Boston area.